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[ what is beauty in chaos? ]

beauty in chaos is an experiment.

it is an exploration of the results that can emerge when a collection of images, words, sounds, puzzles, and thoughts are allowed to roam free on the internet.

it’s different every time.

beauty in chaos is randomly generated by an overly complicated mix of javascript, cgi, and html - all coded by hand in notepad.

the outcome can be interesting, unusual, and beautiful at the same time.
or not.

welcome to a world of chance, coincidence, chaos. art by accident.
a site built on serendipity.

feel free to wander around. get lost.

and if you don't like what you see

just hit refresh.


[ so what? ]

beauty in chaos in many ways willingly defies internet conventions and demands the opposite of what other websites do. It requires a visitor to have patience and curiosity. It purposefully does not reveal itself all at once. Instead it unfolds like a conversation, at times asking the user how to proceed. As a consequence, only the most persistent of visitors may experience all 120+ pages, each like a separate piece in a gallery. On their journey they may encounter drawings, photographs, stray thoughts, and other moments of chaos.

Also, beauty in chaos is randomly generated - both its stark aesthetics and navigation. Pages are linked by common words, which change on page reload, creating dynamic paths through the site. No two visits will be the same. To this end beauty in chaos has more in common with interactive art, video games, and Choose Your Own Adventure novels than any other website.

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